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Ones To Watch: Naughty Corner

In a time where a fusion of different taste, genres and influences is welcomed within the music industry, new bands/artists are safe to experiment with their sound and craft while growing and flourishing as musicians. One collective which is taking complete advantage of this are newcomers Naughty Corner. Comprised of Patrick Legard, Adam Bowser and Will Ryan, the band are ready to take the Indie scene by storm and move beyond their Lincolnshire and now Manchester based roots.

Tying together Reggae, Funk and Indie, their sound dubbed Indie-fusion, stems from inspirational figures such as Bob Marley, The Arctic Monkey’s and Otis Redding, which demonstrates their depth and variety in taste and production style. In terms of band operations their methodology is organic and authentic growth. They use the approach of “jamming, improvisation and natural melding of input from all members” which pieces together the bands instantly unique music.

The three-piece had their first track heading into the mainstream arena on August 20th, which looks to be a transition of funky reggae numbers that litter between them social commentary, keeping listeners on their toes while in a realm of cool. Entitled ‘Mind To Think‘ the release is a solid audio of all of the sounds previously mentioned meshed together into a effort which is refreshing, chilled and ultimately a testament to different genres being complementary to one another in the right context. Naughty Corner most definitely have the potential to do something different in a huge way if they play their cards right! Look out for both Mind To Think’ and further singles ‘Mr. Joe‘ and Alley Cats‘ due in September.

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