Jok$han’s brand new video release ‘NO‘ is being premiered by L Ø S T C U L T U R E today. The track is the first track taken off his Crown EP which is due to released later in the year, ‘NO‘ is best described as music that stands alone, different from the type of music the rest of the UK scene is producing. Blending some classic R&B soul vibes with a twist of emotional storytelling rap, all mixed into one genre that Jok$han likes to call ‘R&G’. The video also features an exclusive verse and cameo from emerging South London Rapper Boy Nash. Ahead of the premiere, we caught up with Jok$han talk on his musicial background, the inspiration behind ‘NO‘ and his plans for his future in music;

You are premiering your latest track ‘No’ with us today. What were your thoughts when putting the track together?

I’ve heard so many remixes of the original TLC ‘No Scrubs‘ done by women and I’ve never heard any male remixes that I thought replied back to the original or the remixes giving them the flip side of the scenario from a male’s perspective. I’ve always felt the beat was cold from when I first heard the original so as soon as I heard this remix beat, the words just flooded through to me as if i was writing the perfect flip side record to all the other ones out there.

Did you always know you wanted to be a musician when you grew up?

Yeah like since I can remember music has always played a major part in my life. One of my earliest memories involved music its actually so crazy. Throughout everything in my life I’ve tried to do and every hurdle in my life I’ve wanted to overcome my love for music and writing music has helped me deal with the stresses, the good and the bad music is like my therapy to voice and let go of feelings.

The track features South London rapper Boy Nash. How did that link up come about and do you have plans to work with him again?

Yes defo shout out Boy Nash for absolutely killing his verse, 100% added a different vibe to the record. As to how the feature came around it was all down to my manager Mr D Howard, the wonder man himself. He had been aware of Boy Nash for a while so as soon as he heard the record he instantly told me he had the perfect feature for the track and as soon as I got Boy Nash verse back I instantly knew he was right, everything from his verse to the performance in the video was very very cold. I would 100% work with Boy Nash on another project defo might have to make that happen.

If you could work with any other UK/US artist, who would it be and why?

Ohh thats a hard one cause their are so much artists I want to work with but if I had to pick  I would pick Haile (WSTRN), Chris Brown, Trey Songz, J Cole, Drake, Tinashe, Geovarn & Bryson Tiller all for the reason that I think the songs we’d come up with would all be different types of vibes that no one would of heard before. A unique sound.

Whats next for Jok$han?

Just focusing on making new music, releasing more videos and working towards the release of my EP.

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Source: JokshanSimpsonVEVO

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