Does Brandon Tory Deliver On ‘Swish’?

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Behind the scenes talent Brandon Tory has been the mastermind behind major forces and has production creds on both Bryson Tiller’s Trapsoul and Rihanna’s ANTI projects. After working with Timbaland on his mix-tape King Stays King, Brandon dropped his solo project S H I N E late last-year and has since racked up an impressive amount of streams easily garnering over 100k streams. Now based in LA, Brandon finally returns this summer with an already viral single dubbed ‘Swish. But do the streams prove that he’s still got it?

A melodic backing provided by [HMB] initiates ‘Swish and instantly evokes an image of a mother singing bedtime lullabies to an infant. Before the beat can get too hypnotic Brandon’s voice is heard. “You ain’t gotta worry about me just chill and wait for the swishBrandon sings in a passively aggressive tone. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder as expletives are littered throughout the first verse. “I keep to myself, these niggas play too much// Your phone bill must be high, you’re talking way too much”. The Boston native is clearly tired of the block-life and is ready to put it behind him in search of a more active and successful career. The soundscape helps here, as it’s reminiscent of being stuck in your own thoughts, wanting to change something and coming to a realisation that you’re being sucked into a destructive cycle.

Just as Brandon’s distress reaches its peak, the chorus hits and the singer reminds us not to worry because his rise is on the horizon. Verse two tells a similar story but Brandon shows us that he’s in an empowered mood now instead of one of resentment. “We skipped a hundred levels cause we not playing fair// These niggas got opinions but nobody cares.” Despite the negativity, Brandon brushes it off, he’s got more important things to worry about. After the short but strong verse it’s back to one last play of the chorus before Swish‘ is brought to a close.

Everything in Swish‘ worked. The production aided the lyrics and merged together nicely, the vocal edits to Brandon’s voice were limited and so again added a darker undertone which didn’t feel overdone. Brandon is able to work a lane that artists such as Tory Lanez and PARTYNEXTDOOR have wrapped up, but adds his own flair, and twist to it in order to remain unique. “Swish” is a solid record and hopefully Brandon has more where this came from because he’s bringing a consistent energy to the R&B scene which if continued could ensure long-term success.

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