Check out Eastpak’s all-leather Floid Bag

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Check out Eastpak’s all-leather Floid Bag

Eastpak are premium bag specialists that have been providing high quality goods since 1952. They have recently released their all leather backpack, which arrives as an exclusive and limited solo drop. Named the Floid Bag, it adds to their extensive range of impressive products. Limited to just 300 pieces, the bag is uniquely designed with a laptop sleeve incorporated into the interior. It also arrives with a few multi-purpose zip pockets, a bottle holder pocket and ergonomically designed straps.

EK201_87M_alt011Durable and fashionable, you won’t find quality like this floating around your everyday retailer. Those who appreciate high quality execution and enjoy a padded back support, here is a backpack for you. Also some may know that real leather gets better with age, which helps justify the £230 price tag. Purchase the bag here or simply see it above.

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