Jash Releases Parachute

The dance scene in the UK continues to live on as chart forces such as Lady Gaga have been able to manoeuvre through the music industry using the genre to climb to the top. Gravesend’s Jash looks to do exactly that as he vies for dominance. New on the scene, and off the back of his impressive debut EP Never Ending Night, Jash has gained BBC Radio Kent, BBC’s Introducing and East Coast FM‘s attention and airplay. A year on and Jash is ready his new single ‘Parachute‘, but does it do enough to fly high?

A xylophone fuelled soundscape initiates ‘Parachute‘, and creates a tropical rain-forest environment ready for control. Jash interrupts before long and he begins to describe what sounds like a fun filled relationship. “You take me higher, higher than I’ve ever been before // and if I fall… You’re my parachute“, instantly following this line the chorus begins and the infamous xylophone is back for more, this time amongst other instrumentals.

We’re now at chorus two and Jash refuses to give up, he’s not letting the lucky lady get away. “Just say yes and we can go on, and be alone where we can have fun” he sings eager to be infatuated for much longer . Jash races towards the melodic chorus and lets loose once more against the production, which now extends for much longer than before. Amongst it are instrumentals which are reminiscent of Hindu festivals, a crescendo of cultures is definitely felt within the final minute of the song.

Jash creates some noise with his latest single, it has all the ingredients and more for a laid back but anthem bid for love. Jash‘s smooth vocals against the faster paced soundscape was the marriage of two brilliant components. The dance-scene may have just found its renegade.

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