Joe Fox Previews His EP With ‘Like Jesus’

Joe Fox is a singer and a songwriter who comes from London and is perhaps best known as the weary, old soul voice that punctured through much of A$AP Rocky‘s 2015 album At.Long.Last.A$AP. Rocky plucked Joe from the streets of London after hearing the British singer-songwriter busking; what ended up on At.Long.Last.A$AP were fragments of Fox’s own original songs. This year, he is poised to show his unfiltered songwriting skills to the world with his debut solo EP Acoustic Alley Sessions.

On the raw lead single ‘Like Jesus‘, Fox’s vocal is pushed to the forefront against a bare-boned guitar, as he delivers a blues-tinged anthem about bouncing back from the brink. He doesn’t mince his words, either: Work out who is worth you/ ‘Cause they’re all gonna hurt you.

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