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Kyle Bent teams up with Mick Jenkins for ‘Divine’

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As fall closes in for its seasonal change of color, hip-hop takes a stronger tone. After sharing his video for ‘Rotten Apple Seeds earlier this month and signing to the Denver indie label Made in the Shade Records, Boston’s Kyle Bent has released a rapid stream of content, each succeeding the last with his signature upbeat style and positive vibes. Kyle’s newest forthcoming single ‘Divine‘ is a vessel for his inspiring message to be everything one can be, and more. Including a feature from the innovative and critically-acclaimed rapper Mick Jenkins of Cinematic Music Group, ‘Divine‘ represents a powerful collaboration to magnify the importance behind the song.

Once again, the 19-year-old burgeoning wordsmith proves he’s a little ahead of his peers with insightful lyrics and hard-hitting messages revolving around perseverance. “But my generation still sleepin’/politicin’ with their demons/they ain’t free/oh no/the world still tryin’ to tellin’ em how to think/don’t conform/don’t you know you don’t fit their mold,” he says, pleading for his peers to wake up. Giving listeners the influence to push themselves to even greater potential has always been the goal behind the movement of Kyle Bent. In ‘Divine‘, Kyle has teamed up with Mick Jenkins to promote this ever-growing message to the masses.

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