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As promised last week, we have yet another special guest to curate our popular Cloud 9 playlist. This week sees UK artist Jords who is set to release his upcoming album Means To An Ends on September 23rd. Speaking on the upcoming project, Jords said that it is “a story about my adolescence”. We caught up with Jords as he chose 9 of the best from the “Cloud of Sound”. So sit back, plug-in and relax as we present;

L Ø S T  C U L T U R E | Cloud 9: 045.


1. Knucks – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“I’m going to start with this, and I firstly want to say, as an artist, when you know that an artist produces their own music, there’s an automatic level of respect there. I like how Knucks drops some meaningful lyrics, and almost subconsciously contrasts then with braggadocios ones, Example being going from saying “Man will sneak up to a feast and try to sneak a plate” to “Now my hearts darker than Kweku and Kwame””.


2. Malick IV – Spooky Times

“I’d heard this song in the studio with my brothers Trickz, Nick Dre & Malick himself, and I knew it was a banger. But when I saw him perform it at his listening party.. Damn. There’s nothing like live music. It was crazy! The passion in the delivery alone carries this song, but when you add the honest content, along with heavy drums? Banger. Big up Malick everytime!”


3. EVNS – Truth

“This song here, has been one of my favourite songs for a while, half the plays probably come from me. The bounce to the song carried me through a lot of the summer, dancing down the street and all sorts. The way EVNS flows over it, RnB with some Island vibes in a way that only he could do with such ease, it’s the perfect song for the summer. Big tune”.


4. Rendezvous at Two – F*ck Me And Feed Me

“From the first line, “He said, hey there bonita”, I was already visualising being that guy saying that phrase to her. It’s one of those songs that are conversational. You can put yourself in that very situation and create your little music video to it in your mind. The production is pretty much flawless too. Very easy on the ear. Love a woman who knows what she wants aswell”.


5. Kadiata – Onda

“So good I had to remix it. The waviest sample I’ve heard in a while. I play this song whilst ironing and end up salsa dancing all up in my kitchen. Another self-produced song as well, Kadiata just seem to do everything to a high standard with ease”.


6. Yxng Bane x Kojo Funds – Fine Wine

“I’ve probably played this song every day for the past 3 weeks. My friend Stuart first played it in the car, he was playing a couple dead songs before, but when I heard this, I remember trying to slyly Shazam the song without him noticing. Bane caught the perfect vibe with this one, probably the catchiest hook of the summer”.


7. NSG – Hey Girl

“I remember hearing an early demo of this song when I was in the studio with Randy Valentine. The song was unmixed, the levels weren’t right, but I already loved the song. An instant vibe from the first line. I was singing that first line for days. NSG always come with some catchy bangers. Big shout out to Randy Valentine on the production as well”.


8. Sundai – All I Got

“I like it when artists go through a journey in a song. I feel like Sundai has been very honest and open with her emotions, it’s a defiant record lyrically and I feel it is an empoweringr ecord. This kind of music is needed!”


9. JST JCK – Noticed

“As a lover of music, I love clocking samples, so when I realised that this beat was a flip of Trey Songz – ‘Mr Steal Your Girl‘, I was already into the song. Then hearing the way he floats over it with ease, singing with what I would see as a rappers flow.. Yeah man, its smooth. One to play when you’re doing the late night ting”.


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L Ø S T  C U L T U R E.

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