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R&B and Hip hop in the UK continues on its revamp, with pioneers from London and cities in the North of England routinely offering up stellar acts with even better material. East London’s AirBorn Gav looks to add to this table of talent and already has an impressive resume. Raised in Hackney, AirBorn Gav began music seriously in his late teens, and began releasing material to SoundCloud to drum up more support. One of his tracks entitled ‘Truss Me‘ racked up an impressive 20K streams, proving his grind and work paying off and also suggesting that he has solid capabilities musically.

Last year AirBorn Gav began to venture out and began building his discography with two EP’s; the first of which was titled T.H.C: The Hustler’s Come, from the project came the single ‘Death Note‘, which Airborn discussed with avr music;

My visual team and I spent time going through the mixtape and allocating video ideas to each song, death date was the hardest one to come up with a real concept to so we just decided to go for a calm studio shoot which would be edited with some trippy effects

Clearly AirBorn is passionate about all aspects of the artist experience, including connecting  fans with the music visually, this highlights his dedication to the craft and such precision to detail early on in his career.
Just months later in the summer of 2015, AirBorn Gav returned with a bang in the form of his second mixtape R.N.B. Ratchet Nigga Blues which dabbled in sex, love and the bedroom but did it a smooth and matter of fact way. Airborn Gav is extremely talented with great penmanship and surrounded by a fantastic team of producers including Dev Dhokia, it’s only a matter of time before the industry begin to take notice.

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