Premiere: Dej The Ego – Babylon

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Dej The Ego is a rapper and producer from East London. In 2015 he released his debut EP, Bad Singing, Good Rapping, which hsaw him gain support from the likes of Complex and Noisey. He is now gearing up for his 2nd project, the VAG: Verses About Girls EP and it is led by two singles, including ‘Babylon‘, premiered by L Ø S T C U L T U R E today.

Babylon‘ is written from the perspective from a man struggling withreligion and fornication. He travels through the different boroughs of London [Babylon] and tells his stories about encounters with different women. The song samples the bridge from Michael Jackson‘s ‘In The Closet‘ and contains an excerpt from American preacher Creflo Dollar’s sermon onfornication.

“I said that might be a reach, see I been tryna get clean. You wanna wipe me, you slyly have to baptize me in bleach”.

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