Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

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Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

We have come across some amazing properties and resorts recently, but this one truly takes the cake. Found in Botswana, the luxury canopy sets upon spacious land, situated at the Okavango Delta. Right next to the Moremi Game Reserve, the getaway faces loads of rich wildlife and nature. Some elevated areas of the ‘boarding house’ expose guests to a running river and personal view of the animals. In total the place features 24-beds and is made almost completely out of wood. Not able to dramatically alter or harm the environment, the designers ensured the structure was solely made out of biodegradable and sustainable materials. However, they still required a quality enough execution and service so guests could receive a 5-star experience. Fitting into the landscape seamlessly, the whole journey is provided by highly acclaimed, worldwide service &Beyond. They detail the lovely experience by saying:

At &Beyond Sandibe, guests can awaken to the sound of animals, laugh at the antics of baboons and squirrels over breakfasts and tread in the footsteps of elephants as they walk the ancient paths that bisect the forest.

The Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge won a prestigious achievement recently, winning an award in the Hotels & Resorts category at the A+Awards 2016. Visit &Beyond here for more details and info or simply check out the African paradise above.

Source: Deezen

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