BAPE x Champion Fall Collection 2016

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BAPE x Champion Fall Collection 2016

It doesn’t get any better than this, does it? Two apparel heavyweights join forces once more, as BAPE Champion team up for Fall 2016. Offering us an extensive collection of garments, including jackets, sweats, a tee and joggers, we see both styles influence the collaborative delivery. The sportswear aesthetic of Champion along with the high fashion/street sense BAPE offers is the perfect combination for your F/W wardrobe. Both iconic in ‘urban’ or ‘hip hop’ culture, this delivery is a dream come true for many. Using basic colour tones but harnessing their key, signature touches, the designs throughout the mesh well as a whole.

It’s hard to see anyone copping just one item here, at least without being tempting to cop two or more colours. Their priceless camo design is of course present on the only tee and pair of joggers in the collection. Whether you prefer sweaters, hoodies or jacket, you’re covered on this one. Purchase pieces from the official BAPE store here and in store worldwide for a range of prices October 29th onwards. See the delivery in full above or simply scroll below to see more of the latest.

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