CallMeTheKidd Drops The Becoming EP

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CallMeTheKidd is a 25-year-old producer, songwriter and artist from North London. After working behind the scenes for a number of years as a producer, he is now set to cement himself as an artist this year with his debut EP The Becoming, filled with eccentric production and soulful vocals. Over his musical journey, CallMeTheKidd has gained support from BBC 1Xtra as well as being backed by a number of online platforms.

Experimenting with new production techniques while pushing his vocal style, CallMeTheKidd took a distinctive approach and stepped out of the conventional mould, “There is so much pressure in the music industry today to look, dress, act and sound a certain way. While creating this EP I wanted to step away from that and just be creative – be myself”.

The Becoming is a shift from the “urban” norm, displaying a unique blend of genres and sounds utilising live instruments, vintage synths and modern beats – creating a euphonic fusion of hip hop and funk. The EP has four funk-infused soul-rap tracks that deliver an eccentric sound denoting CallMeTheKidd’s new school kid with an old school vibe. As an emerging artist he aspires to secure his place and cement his name as one of this year’s breakout artists, and with this EP debut he’s off to a good start.

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