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See Chocolate Droppa’s latest battle vs Vanilla Wafer (Nick Jonas)

He’s one of the hottest rappers out at the moment and it seems there’s just no stopping him. Kevin HaChocolate Droppa has set a high standard for himself over the years by putting out amazing freestyles and battles. His most recent triumph was over Nick Jon Vanilla Wafer, who’s a new rapper on the scene trying to make his mark. Despite much evidence and many accusations, Kevin Hart has denied any ties with the Philly-born artist in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club. Taking on the world, he adds another gem to his belt while on his “Droppa vs everybody” campaign. Check out the battle above or listen to his mixtape for “What Now” featuring Migos, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown, Tink and many more A-list musicians.     

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