Cosmo Pyke Explores His ‘Social Sites’

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18-year-old London-based artist Cosmo Pyke has a lot of strings to his bow. As well as being a singer and multi-instrumentalist, he’s a skateboarder, spray paint artist, and a model — spot him in Frank Ocean‘s ‘Nikes‘ video. It’s not surprising, then, that he doesn’t have a lot of time for sitting online, as he makes clear in the stoner-friendly acoustic pop of his debut single ‘Social Sites‘. The reflective down-tempo soundtrack, produced by Fraser T Smith features Pyke contemplating what’s reality and what isn’t in the context of a world incrPeasingly dominated by social media. Touchstones could include King Krule, Jamie T, or even Mac DeMarco, with the sloping rhythm and woozy, almost psychedelic, textures supply reams of colour.

The first verse is about how the digital age dumbs the youth leaving them with nothing to say,” Pyke explained to The FADER over email. “Finally, the third verse suggests breaking up a relationship, leaving the audience wondering about the way the social networking shows that we are ignorant to what’s really going on inside us, and what our true feelings really are. Or it just means I’m a prick; listen to it and you’ll find out.

The track is set to appear on the 18-year-old’s forthcoming EP Curser’s Lament.

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