Jordan King Brings Us ‘The Night Shift’ EP

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Following the July release of his well received track ‘PWI’, UK R&B artist, Jordan King drops his highly anticipated EP, The Night Shift. Following the cheeky and flirtatious tone of his earlier release, The Night Shift gives fans more of the same intimate sounds with the addition of Hip Hop and old school R&B influences. Accompanying artists and producers to the EP include UK rapper Jords, producers R7 Music, SM and P12INCE (Prince).

I really feel like this EP was an ‘unplanned miracle’ because it came about so organically. The raw, free flowing sounds that had been created were too good to be ignored, and so ‘The Night Shift’ was born.”

The EP, which has a total of 5 tracks and 1 feature, has a running theme of intimacy, found both in the music, the subjects and the title itself. Whilst the late night hours of the day are reserved for intimacy, King spent many of his nights ‘putting in a shift’ to complete the EP, thus making The Night Shift a perfect title. With tracks like ‘Plans’, co produced by P12INCE pushing the boundaries of sound, whilst ‘Right Now‘ includes classical elements and ‘Be The Man’ featuring Jords serving as a tribute to the old school R&B era, arguably absent from the current UK music scene, much can be expected from the release.

“I had never planned to release this EP, but once it was complete I just knew now was the time, I had toshare it and I didn’t want to wait any longer”

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