KinKai sets the vibe for his new EP with ‘Shenanigans’

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KinKai is a Mancunian born artist that we have previously featured, with his standout track ‘The Piece‘. Now he is back with his latest single, ‘Shenanigans‘, rapping over a cool, swinging groove produced by Mecca 83. Throughout ‘Shenanigans‘, Kai delivers vivid imagery capable of engaging audiences young and old. KinKai released his debut EP Distortions in the winter of 2015, a project of unique and very distinct sound that was critically acclaimed by those who found the undiscovered MC.

Amongst many other releases, Kai gained attention via Soundcloud after releasing ‘16 Windmills’ a freestyle over Tom Misch’s ‘Windmills Of Your Mind‘. From this Kai has consistently developed his style, experimenting with music and his various creative influences. With his sophomore project due to be released, the artist who states his “hermit ways are in hiding” is due to wet our appetites with more music as the release date draws closer. The EP features the likes of Glue 70, IAMDDB & LayFullStop, obtaining production from the likes of More//Night, Moo Latte, Whoeva & EphRem amongst many others.

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