As we approach our 50th edition, we have lots more special guests to curate our Cloud 9 playlist. This week sees Dobby aka Dobbs take the reigns with her selection. Dobby is a 20 year old radio broadcaster and DJ, hailing from East London. Dobby started her career in radio at the age of 14 at Break London, the same only-community station in Stratford as her cousin, Rebecca Judd.

Dobby now holds down a weekly specialist show on Reprezent Radio, every Tuesday between 7PM – 9PM where she focuses on alternative, futuristic and cutting edge vibes from across the world and from within the UK. Dobby is a huge champion of forward thinking music and the whole ‘Future Beats’ scene in general as she feels passionately about making sure that the music we hear is organic, from the heart and not following whats on trend to be ‘cool’ – which should mean her picks from the “Cloud of Sound” should be interesting! So sit back, plug-in and relax as we present;

L Ø S T  C U L T U R E | Cloud 9: 048.


1. Etta Bond x Chris Loco – All My Love

Etta Bond in my opinion is one of the UK’s best artists hands down. She has been one of my favourites since I heard her first project when I was 16. I really admire how she lives by her own rules and does things exactly how she wants to. You can hear and see all the care and soul she puts into her music. Also Chris Loco is such a badman producer, I chatted to him last year on my show and when he broke down all his influences such as Bjork, you can really start to hear it within his music. Also just big up Odd Child in general, just an amazing team of creatives.”


2. H.E.R – Facts

H.E.R has recently just come to my attention after she dropped her project H.E.R. Volume 1 and I’m completely obsessed. I really love an artist that carries an air of mystery to them and lets their music speak for themselves. ‘Facts‘ is one of my favourites off of H.E.R Volume 1, so simple and understated and also perfect for cuffing season which is taking place right now lol.”


3. Tre Mission – King (Wize Remix)

Wize is such sick producer and definitely a future pioneer. I love how he doesn’t stick to making one genre and floats seamlessly between them making such interesting sounds. He completely flips this Tre Mission banger into something so bouncy and I fell in love with it, especially when the crowd goes nuts to it in a set. I cannot wait to have him on my show on the 18th of October dropping a guest mix for me.”


4. Abhi//Dijon – Ignore

“I cannot even begin to express my love for Abhi//Dijon, they are just incredible. I really love how they’re dedicated into bringing RnB back again and making it sound so fresh and new. If you haven’t checked out their previous projects, I highly recommend that you do, you will not be disappointed.”


5. Amine – Caroline (Lege Kale Remix)

“Hands down, I think ‘Caroline‘ might be the song of 2016 for me, but I’m also deeply in love with Lege Kale‘s remix which just gives it such a funky feel to it. Lege Kale is one of my favourite up and coming producers, he’s worked quite closely with Khary, another sick rapper from the US, as well as making other dope remixes such as his remix of Roy Woods feat. Drake – ‘Drama‘. I really hope that when he eventually comes to the UK, I get to interview him.”


6. Alxndr London – Shuffle

Alxndr London is such a genius, and the best thing about him is that he doesn’t even realise it. I recently had him down on my show to talk about his EP A Long Time Ago and it was such a refreshing conversation about his art and the current state of the music industry. He’s one of my favourite artists in the UK right now. What I love most about his music is that not one track sounds the same, but yet is still distinctive to Alxndr. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him.”


7. Lulu Be – Rude Tings

“This tune is what I’ve been listening to every morning I wake up recently. I absolutely love how Lulu Be packs a punch with her first offering to the world and makes such a statement about who she is and where she comes from, Chicago and Ethiopia respectively. Really excited to hear more from her, I’m expecting big things for 2017.”


8. Breda Sound feat. Olivia Louise – Experience

“I remember the guys who are behind Breda Sound playing this track for me before it was mastered and I got chills all over my arms. Such a banger, and it features not only one of my favourite voices, but one of my favourite people ever; Miss Olivia Louise. Her voice and lyricism really does the production of this track complete justice and ties everything together. Sonic perfection.”


9. Courage x Ray BLK – 2AM

“‘2AM‘ is definitely a track that I cannot get enough of right now. I really love the stories that Ray BLK skilfully paints in each of her tracks, and 2AM is no different. I relate so much to what she is talking about right now and the production that Courage has come up with is so euphoric, and builds up so poignantly. There’s such a London feel to this track and I just really wish it gets more attention as it’s such beautiful song.”

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L Ø S T  C U L T U R E.

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