Brother Portrait Releases Debut ‘seeview/rearview’

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The short film/music video, directed by Nadira Amrani explores migrant duality and identity through a dream/nightmare narrative. Interested in the migrant memory and new generation of Africa, Nadira’s work looks to challenge colonial imagery and portray the feeling of cultural limbo and culture fusion. brother portrait is a first generation, Sierra Leonean Black British artist. He has collaborated with James Massiah, Belinda Zhawi and Andrea Phillips as part of the Naew Funk Poets and resident at the immensely popular A and the E spoken word poetry nights. He featured on ‘Pendulum‘, a standout track from Mobo Jazz award winner Moses’ Boyd‘s debut release and has upcoming releases with emerging producers Maxwell Owin and D’vo.

Wearing his influences on his sleeve but tailoring them to suit him, the songs weave from the sleepy subtle dancehall patterns of seeview to rearview’s poetry delivered with the energy of a grime mc;

“I felt to write some songs that talk of everyday, sometimes seemingly mundane memories, that actually speak deeply of our experience and story. Corn beef keys, bucket baths…the markets, the clothes. Create something like a photographs and scenes that take you there. Present but still a little hazy and out of reach. “

brother portrait is also a member of hip hop trio black/other who are making waves with their first releases ‘keep moving‘ and ‘windmills‘. Praised for their head nod flows and skilled lyricism that doesn’t compromise the potent and timely content, they are currently in the lab shaping their debut album. His group and solo music touch on underrepresented social histories and the importance of current cultural production amongst children of the diaspora for expression, growth and building a sense of self.

seeview‘ and ‘rearview‘ will feature on brother portrait’s debut mixtape navigate in: limbo which will be released late 2016. With this solo release and a number of collaborative projects in the works for 2017, there are exciting times ahead for the artist.

Source: Brother Portrait

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