See this brilliant hybrid home/studio by Realrich Sjarief

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Realrich Sjarief Multipurpose Home, Studio & Library

Have you ever seen someone go to work on their home, or go to work at their home? Realrich Sjarief knows all about just that. The architect and artist decided to embrace his eye for cool shapes by building his dream living/work arrangements. It’s both a safe haven for his family and a studio for his RAW Architecture firm. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, it also serves as a library for young people who are keen to engage with the architectural industry. Evidently influenced by nature too, the building stands on its own away from busy streets and distracting noise. The interior is quite spectacular in terms of execution, as the different materials, sizes, shapes and textures provide an intriguing and complicated building. A garden features outside with a pond, which is what the library sits below to invite natural light and fresh air. This also aims to preserve the condition of the books, avoiding the use of air conditioning. Check out the design above or see more by clicking the link below.

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