Introducing new social company Circular – “Connecting Creatives”

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Introducing new social company Circular – “Connecting Creatives”

UPDATE: The official website has been launched and can be visited by clicking here.

If you’ve caught wind of this new company, we wouldn’t be surprised. If you haven’t, don’t worry, here’s all you need to know.

Circular is a platform/community where creatives from everywhere and anywhere can socialize & collaborate. Although currently small and building, the company has ambitions to provide a positive space for those who want to communicate with fellow amateurs and working professionals. Whether that’s in their chosen industry or otherwise, they’re simply here to help connect people. The idea is for people to uplift each other and work together, something we don’t see enough in this individualistic, self-oriented climate. At the moment the company is running an ‘invite only system’, to help promote its exclusivity. However, signing up only requires three things. Your First Name, Email & chosen Interest/Creative Field.

The business is a personal project from Zai, who is the Director of digital marketing firm ShuffzCo. The co-founder of the business stated the idea for Circular came from a “…lack of open community between young creatives and Arts students in the UK, London in particular.”

A student himself he detailed the frustration he went through building his own business, only gaining industry connections and a customer base though Twitter. But some aren’t as ‘lucky’ and may run into obstacles they can’t overcome alone. That’s why Circular is so important. It’s a helping hand for those who may not know where to turn and it’s a way to meet more people like yourself. Zai also told us he wants the community to have a ‘family vibe’, where all thoughts and idea are embraced. With Circular you will be able to find oppurtunities, potential employment, enganging conversation and a chance to explore your niche. Imagine a singer, who want’s the perfect producer and engineer for their sound. Maybe they want to start a band or put on events. Where do they look? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn perhaps? There’s no real way to comfortably find the right people you’re looking for, especially if you’re just starting out. That’s what Circular brings, a way forward. Support the company or sign up via their Twitter here.

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