Jasper Sommer’s New EP ‘An Eye For The Winter’

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Although Derbyshire is known more widely for it’s sprawling peaks, it’s hardly the place you’d expect to find a new wave of electronic music, but that’s exactly where Jasper Sommer‘s moulded the unorthodox style into his music when creating his forthcoming EP An Eye For The Winter. Finding himself on the notorious Push Crayons roster alongside Kojey Radical, Jasper is intent on hypnotising listeners with new sounds, ideas and plans in order to “make the world a better place”.

Drawing inspiration from his idealistic views, and influences such as Zodiac, Burial, Flying Lotus, Kid Cudi, Nicodxmvs, Friendships and more to produce rhythmic messages of mesmerising melodies and electronic vibes that fit in today’s ever changing society.

Just as Tupac said “I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” That’s my goal.

With a utopian esque vision at the forefront of his mind when making his musical moves, Jasper Sommer has so far channelled his angst into the first single taken from An Eye For The Winter, ‘99%‘ which has so far garnered support from DJ Semtex‘s Nation Of Billions, and quickly found himself as one to watch. Based on cycles and balances such as seasons, life and death, love and heartbreak, his EP takes on varying sounds of syncopated beats and angelic harmonies, his sound acting as an ever changing mood ring as he channels his personal experiences with depression, especially on last track ‘Come & Go‘, as vulnerable lyrics detail Jasper’s fight with mental health.

“We try to fight, until we own the night”, stating “We try to fight our fears, depression, or whatever it issues until we own our brain/thoughts and regain the ability to be our best”

Jasper Sommers’ music is almost accidentally genre-blurring, allowing his emotions to take the driver seat when it comes to creative process, his music remaining louder than his words as he continues to create music that will either spark the inevitable revolution, or soundtrack it.

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