Look Mate x Hey Studio ‘Hey Flake’

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Look Mate x Hey Studio ‘Hey Flake’

Look Mate London keep the sock releases flowing, with their latest collaboration with Barcelona based design studio Hey. Their creation is known as the “Hey Flake“, which has apparently been in the works for months. It seems this was a determined design, something both parties were eager to get right. Safe to say they did, right? The brilliant design is instantly attractive, arriving in a camo-like liquid pattern and dark navy base. Look Mate‘s use of quality cotton and contrasting colour application always impresses, providing that extra bit of outfit detail before you put your shoes on. A studio with an impressive résumé, sees Hey add to their list of graphic design solutions too. More detail is available at their official website here, where the pair can be purchased for a worth-it £10 sum. Check out the collab above or see more Look Mate here. Scroll below for more of the latest.

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