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As we approach our 1 year anniversary for our Cloud 9 segment, we still have lots more suprises and special guests up our sleeves. This week is the turn of Henrie, a 21 year old graduate of the University of Leeds having studied Broadcast Journalism. As well as being a music journalist for We Plug Good Music, she would  venture down to London on a whim to catch shows of the likes of 67, Section Boyz, Ghetts and Big Tobz to take photos and review – even making friends with a few of them! When we caught up with Henrie, it’s clear her choices would be close to home;

I currently live on a block in South London which from an early age fuelled my love of music. Although my musical tastes transcends all genres, Grime and UK Rap have always had a special place in my heart growing up because even as a nerdy teen, I felt like I identified with the experiences of a lot of UK Rappers just because of the things they had to say about living in the hood and I’d usually see my area in their videos which would always get me gassed. I am a self proclaimed Channel U baby and I was one of those girls in 2007 that would record a Chipmunk song onto my phone and infrared it out to other people as if it were legit. Ask about me, I was the plug! (Just Kidding)“.

Now situated back in London, she is a presenter for Reprezent Radio every Friday 10am-12pm and is also a social media intern for SBTV.  “I’ve always wanted to have a radio show or at least work with a platform that gives artists the ratings and attention their music deserves, and now I can finally do that and I love it! More than that though, I aim to create and inspire with my love of music – to show people who might still live on the blocks like me or anywhere else that there is nothing in life they can’t be, do or have!“. Shout out Henrie with 9 of the best from the “Cloud of Sound” so sit back, plug-in and relax as we present;

L Ø S T  C U L T U R E | Cloud 9: 050.


1. Sleeks – Gear 6

“I love it when members of Section Boyz go it alone; veer off a little and do their own thing because it really does show that they’re very talented individually as well as a group. Sleeks’ ‘Gear 6‘ was produced by Wildboy Ace who I know personally and whenever you hear “Wildboy Ace made it” you always know it’s going to be an absolute madness! The instrumental has that bassy, underground feel to it which when accompanied by the lyric “Bang Bang for them pagans” always makes me feel so skeng, even though in reality I’m squeaky clean”.


2. Tizzy feat. Bandz – All Ways

“I heard this song on a Twitter video which had three young lads hitting the waviest of dancemoves like the ‘hit them folks’ ‘milly rock’ and ‘money march’ to a UK rap beat and just thought it was the dopest thing! I got in touch with one of the lads and asked him to send me the mp3 ASAP! I just love the fact that these guys are 17 and living the dream and making really good music too, this is how it’s supposed to be”.


3. J Hus – Playing Sports

“When someone’s ready to talk about how J Hus is a prodigy, I’m here and ready to chat! This guy took a break, came back and killed the whole thing, that’s the best thing about him. In almost creating and pioneering a whole new sound UK rap, J Hus can never put a foot wrong. ‘Playing Sports‘ just shows his consistency in bringing out great music that makes you want get up and dance. It just shows how influential he is and how much people really do love his music and that he can go off the radar for a while, come back, release new tracks and have it hit 600K listens. Good on him”.


4. Scrufizzer x Milli Major x Flirta D – Remember Me

“You really have to rate Scruffizer’s work rate because he is always consistent with the musicand consistent with bangers as well. This team up with Milli Major and Flirta D on ‘Remember Me‘ makes you want to buss a serious ’07 skank which is exactly why I chose it! I’m very much a Channel U baby and the head advocate for the resurgence of the Funky House genre, and this tune definitely takes me back to my skank daddy days. The fact that they also interchange between rappers in each verse and even in the chorus instead of taking a verse each is something that I’m sure is very difficult to coordinate so I give them mad props for that, it’s very original and an innovative way to relay music”.


5. Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles

“You know when a song just had the whole culture on lock? For the moment, this is that song. Although Twitter’s #MannequinChallenge was not birthed out of this song, Rae Sremmurd managed to do the best one of all time and hurling this tune even further into the lime light. ‘Black Beatles‘ is definitely in the category of wavey music and it makes me very excited to see them live!”


6. Dave feat. Drake – Wanna Know (Remix)

“This one is huge on so many levels. I met Dave early this year at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton and I had made my mind up there and then that he was one of the most intelligent and talented young people I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. From the conversation we had, it was apparent that he was the type of artist to take in all aspects of the soundfrom the bars, to the flow, to the entire formulation of the instrumental. This is so evident especially in the original version of ‘Wanna Know‘. Then Drake came along and put a little Toronto magic on it and honestly it’s a complement to the original. Big kudos to Dave on such an amazing track”.


7. Sir Spyro – Topper Top

“This banger by bad boy producer Sir Spyro makes you wanna head-bang till yuh neck bruk. Such a big tune which is complemented by the sounds of Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann and Killa P. As we’ve seen time and again, anything with ‘The Sounds of the Sir’ on it is a majortrack and ‘Topper Top’ is no different! The acting from Capo Lee in the video is just the best thing, he’s a G of mine and I would definitely award him a BAFTA! On a serious note, I love the fact that Grime videos now have a genuine artistic vision and this is a really good example of that”.


8. Prynce Mini – Real G’s

“What impresses me so much about Prynce Mini is the talent of being able to just rap about real life, the things he has experienced and the things that he feels whilst still managed to sound ever so wavy. I find myself dabbing whilst talking about how the political infrastructure doesn’t work in the interest of people from the hood. It’s the greatest thing ever. Mini has a more recent tune ‘Haffi Getti’ which is just as real, and it highlights that he’s capitalising on a sound that currently he’s thriving in”.


9. A2 – X2 (DBLE)

A2 is the best. Need I say more? Many people, tastemakers, have voiced the opinion that A2 is better than most American artists with the same type of sound and it’s easy to why they might think that. He’s been championed by the likes of Tinie Tempah and he has proved himself to be part of the UK’s finest! This track by A2 is just so easy on the ears which is why I have picked it! I can’t wait to hear more from A2 as an artist as he’s already given us someamazing work already, so it would be great to see how he further develops and probablytakes over the entire scene”.

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