Scotch & Soda’s Luxe Barfly Detergent

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Scotch & Soda’s Luxe Barfly Detergent

Bet you never expected to be on our site procrastinating looking at luxury detergent, right? Well you are now..and there’s no turning back.

Scotch & Soda are a creative and eccentric brand, looking around the world for inspiration to create the things that impress. Mainly fashion oriented, they follow on from their fragrance line by releasing the Luxe Barfly Detergent. An interesting take on cleaning clothes, providing a naturally sourced, quality alternative to the norm you’d find in supermarkets. They describe the idea as Scented therapy for your wardrobe” giving your garments “that brand new clothes appeal”.  What makes the product unique, is shown in the presentation and ingredients used. Prior to this product you couldn’t have imagined giving detergent as a gift, now, you can.

The product is a transformation of their Barfly fragrance, giving clothes the same smell but in a deeper  manner. Diving into detail about the contents and smell, the brand state that inside there is:

“Top notes of citrus-herb and middle notes of lavender and jasmine contrast with muskier sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla to create the Barfly’s elegant, effortless balance” 

Now available, buy the product here for a £15 steal. See the release in the gallery above or visit the link provided for more detail.

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