Following the 2014 release of his free debut album, The Honeymoon Suite, a 15-track offering inspired by the thrills and cheap motels of Las Vegas, Topaz Jones found a new motivation for his upcoming sophomore effort Arcade, an amalgamation of groovy, ’80s retro beats and tales of love and life lessons learned. For his new delivery, ‘Motion Sickness‘, Jones teamed with Episode, the executive producer of Honeymoon Suite and his childhood pal, producer Thelonius Martin. “The song itself is about the push and pull of relationships and co-dependency, a lot of the things I was just starting to deal with at that time [I made the song],” he explains. “I have some refreshing honesty in my music.

As his music might suggest, the visuals for ‘Motion Sickness‘ are colorful and lively, effectively giving dimension to his unique blend of funk, soul, and hip-hop. “‘Motion Sickness’ is fun to dance to but it’s also about the push and pull of relationships,” Topaz told The FADER over email, “so I wanted to represent that visually and show how any person who’s been in your life stays with you in some way forever. I’m lucky enough to work with some of my best friends (rubberband) on visuals so no matter how crazy an idea was they found ways to make it work and relate back to the things I wanted to say with ARCADE.

Source: TopazJonesVEVO

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