Adidas Consortium Climacool 1 x Shoe Gallery “Flight 305”

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Adidas Consortium Climacool 1 x Shoe Gallery “Flight 305”

Adidas’ premium faction collaborate with Miami store Shoe Gallery on this enticing Climacool 1 Flight 305” variation. Most credit has been given to them for the design, which arrives in mainly Core Black. At first look the shoe appears to be in all black, however from certain angles the shoe gives off a Xeno effect. With shimmering details, incorporated into the fabric of the upper. Red detailing is clearly present at the heel, tongue and midsole, adding that extra bit of colour to the pair.

Even though the release is a collaboration itself, Shoe Gallery separately teamed up with Drone Nerds and Miami-based producer Cool also. This created a trio which found inspiration in drones and flying vehicles, hence the imagery above. This helped with the overall design, which is also inspired by the actual city of Miami. You can purchase a pair from shops like END ClothingHanon and others for an expected £125 from January 7th onwards. Some retailers are already stocking the pair, such as Sneaker Politics (US) here.

Source: Hanon

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