Ash Shakur – Hare Colours [EP Review]

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Animated lyricist Ash Shakur has been lighting up South London with his loud artwork and soulful lyrics. Focused heavily on rabbit imagery it’s no surprise that his latest offering is titled Hare Colours. Released days ago, does the set deliver?

The EP begins on a positive note, with the intro track ‘Shine‘. Laid back and chilled production surrounds Ash Shakur as he battles back against the industry and highlights his individualism. “I ain’t an artist that’s water down, so I’m sorry that I didn’t make the list”. Ash reveals that he’ll never compromise his artistic direction for fame or increased interest. “The answer is God because he guides me” the lyricist reveals towards the end of the track.

Can We Make It Out‘ takes the second spot of the EP and fills the project with a dose of soul. “Can we make it without a bruise can we make it out though?Ash asks in the beginning stages of the song. In one view this can be seen as the hare trying to get home before it’s hunted, but before long the listener is given the dual purpose of this metaphor. Ash is referring to his life struggles and the fight he’s had to endure, parts of the song seem to reference a relationship also. This track definitely draws a lot of reflection out of the listener.

Another genre added into the mix on Hare Colours is jazz on the track ‘Remedy‘. It’s loud and boastful but feel good at its core. “I’ve got that remedy a huh a huh huh and you want it you want it babyAsh sings across the chorus. The verses are jam-packed with punchlines and its the most consistent lyrically is throughout the project. Definitely one of the stronger tracks across the project, a must listen. The set ends with ‘We’re Here‘ and is another reflective number. “Did you think that we would ever bow down to you?Ash asks throughout the song. ‘We’re Here‘ further delves into happiness and authenticity as Ash is in a space of full accomplishment. It’s a good ending to the project and offers consistency to the theme

Hare Colours is a solid effort in terms of mood and conception. It gives different production choices and styles of rap which represent diversity. However, in terms of pace of rap in places and bars it felt like some line endings were awkward and didn’t fit the flow of the whole verse. Solid project just slight improvements for artistic development.

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