Conor McGregor to join Game of Thrones in new season

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Conor McGregor to join Game of Thrones in new season

UFC fighter Conor McGregor is usually trending for one reason or another, but this time it’s something you may not have expected.  The notorious champion is apparently confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming season of the hit TV series, Game of Thrones. With validity of the role given by UFC’s President Dana White, it seems dead set to happen now. A forum dedicated to GOT news gained word of his role and believes that he will not even be required to speak. He will simply play a part as a pirate in the Greyjoy‘s crew. That seems like a pretty believable role for the eccentric fighter, who also announced his yet to be confirmed retirement recently. Not that the show needed anymore superstardom, but it will certainly pique the interest of UFC and Conor. Look out for him in the new season, apparently arriving mid/late 2017.

Source; The Mirror

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