Isaiah Dread Releases Lone Wolf EP

After announcing his EP Lone Wolf and dropping his debut single ‘One Minute‘; Isaiah Dread goes back in with another Z Dot Production on ‘Going In‘ as well as his debut EP; Lone Wolf. Releasing the lyric video for the track, Isaiah hits hard on his second single from his forthcoming debut 101 Records EP.

The production is on Lone Wolf is good in that each song creates the correct atmosphere that Dreads is going for. As this is such a short EP, it is impossible to know how good an ear for production that Dreads has, but he has selected a handful here that he can work with very well. On a longer release it would be interesting to see if he can keep his quality of beat this high and hopefully 2017 will see this happen.

After gaining a huge core fan base through his social media driven song covers, Fire In The Booth & slick freestyles, Isaiah has become the first artist to break out through the notoriously underground Facebook community The Basement. Bringing a fresh sound through infusing his own style, approach and fusion of Hip Hop to Grime, Isaiah stands in 2016 as an amalgamation of influence and a testimony to the boundary crossing powers of music; making him a lone wolf.

Grab your copy of Lone Wolf via iTunes here

Source: Isaiah Dreads

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