This KFC Candle Makes Your Home Smell Like Fried Chicken

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We all know that feeling after a long, hard day at work. Sometimes all you want to do is eat, snuggle up on the couch in front of the TV, and light a fried chicken-scented candle. Unfortunately for some reason, there aren’t many manufacturers producing fried chicken candles until now!

KFC have just dropped this image on Instagram.

Now, The fried Chicken scented candle isn’t actually for sale — rather, it was part of a social media giveaway.

In order to win one of the candles, all KFC asked its followers to do was to suggest other ideas for KFC merchandise. The comments make for an interesting, almost titillating, read. Memorable ideas include fried chicken lip balm, deodorant and bath bombs. Click the comments button on the Instagram picture above to enter.

Source : KFC New Zeland

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