Spillage Village – ‘Bears Like This Too Much’ (Album)

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Spillage Village – ‘Bears Like This Too Much’ (Album)

Mainly consisting of EARTHGANG, J.I.D, Hollywood JB and Jordxn Bryant, creative musicians Spillage Village release their all new project, ” Bears Like This Too Much“. The collective dropped the 11-track EP a couple of days ago, following a mixtape by the crew of the same name. Out of the four names mentioned, EARTHGANG might be the one that you’re most likely to recognise. They have been putting in a serious amount of work over the last 12 months, even dropping their own major LP “Strays With Rabies“. They are also currently on tour with Bas, Cozz and the rest of the Fiends/Dreamville team, with clear ties to the camp evident everywhere. Jordxn Bryant has a growing fanbase and catalogue too, with much promising work featured and shared via his SoundCloud. This is a similar case for J.ID, and Hollywood JB, who dropped his addictive “Triumph” mixtape a while back.

Ties with Dreamville are also evident through the Village collaborating with J. Cole & Bas on “Can’t Call It“. A song that DJ Khaled fans may refer to as “Jermaine’s Interlude“. which features the hook and Cole‘s verse from the track. This is one of a couple stand out songs, along with “Yellow Snow“, “Willow Tree” and “Outside” amongst our favourites. A few skits pad out the length of the album, however there is enough listening content to leave you satisfied. It will also probably excite you for their next effort too, simply scratching the surface of the creative talent they withhold. Check out the project below via SoundCloud or any other major streaming platforms. Purchase it via iTuues here or scroll down for more of the latest.

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