Appareil Architecture RÉSIDENCE ILE BLANCHE

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Appareil Architecture RÉSIDENCE ILE BLANCHE

Appareil Archiecture released some quality images of a redesigned home in Montreal, specifically named the “RÉSIDENCE ILE BLANCHE”. The Canadian property stands out mainly due to its interior, which is featured in a minimal black, white and brown scheme. The brown of course comes from the use of maple wood throughout the home, which adds a beautiful and subtle touch on all levels. Modernity was the focus here, as the semi-detached house has one of the best looking contemporary designs we’ve seen.

It also was created to embrace natural light, but still look stunning with indoor lighting. Super clean decor and perfect furniture, makes for an overall impressive piece of art. A super makeover for a house with much potential, and executed in a way that you can’t help but gaze at. Scroll through the gallery above now or find out more here. Scroll below to see more of the latest now or find more of our featured architecture by clicking the link provided.

Source: Deezen

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