BAPE drop Color Camo Half and Half Shark Hoodies

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BAPE drop Color Camo Half and Half Shark Hoodies

A Bathing Ape are one of the busiest brands out there, dropping timeless pieces pretty much every week. After unveiling their JP US Year of the Rooster” collection, the brand also announced the drop of a couple Color Camo Hald & Half Shark Hoodies. The trio arrive in a brilliant and vibrant set of camo colours, featuring red/pink, dark blue/purple and light grey/black. With every inch totally covered in the trademark pattern, we get three stunning choices for early 2017. Once released before, purchase your preferred Half Shark colourway from the official BAPE US store here for $442. Also available instore and at BAPE NY, check out the release above or click/scroll below to see more of the latest.

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