Givenchy Fall Winter 2017 at Paris Fashion Week

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Givenchy Fall Winter 2017 at Paris Fashion Week

Riccardo Tisci unveiled his most recent genius at Paris Fashion Week, displaying a wonderful Givenchy Fall Winter 2017 Collection. The bright and colourful variety sees all sorts of patterns, materials and silhouettes presented, encouraging the weird, wacky and attractive. A fun but fashionable delivery will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2017, as Givenchy Riccardo demonstrate clear intent on being different. Out of all the PFW designs, this is probably the most eye-catching of them all, beating the usual dull and darkly coloured outerwear we see for that time of year. The premium, knitted sweaters at the beginning of the slider are clearly the standout pieces here.

Givenchy Fall Winter 2017 at Paris Fashion Week

However, that’s not to ignore the vast amount of jackets, shirts, hoodies and sweats. Some darker tones do appear within the drop, offering a handful of smart and wearable apparel throughout. We also see plaid, stars and stripes, following the designers running theme. Don’t be surprised to see you favourite celebrity rocking these pieces at some point this year, as Givenchy remain a brand that can connect. Jesse Williams, Paris Jackson and Carla Bruni are just a few of the guests that came to view the collection. See some of our favourite silhouettes above or the full gallery at the official Givenchy site here. See more of the latest by clicking/scrolling below.

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