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For the Italdred crew, Handbook‘s Devotion EP represents a huge step forward. This is the first project that the London-based independent label has pressed on vinyl. It’s a great choice, as Handbook’s light, infectious production style is a great representation of the artistry Italdred typically highlights.

Having been in the works for almost a year, the time has finally come for us to proudly announce the release of our first ever vinyl project. Although this kind of project is definitely a first for us, we’re very grateful to be able to invite back to center stage once more one of the label’s oldest contributors – Handbook. This time around, Handbook has pulled out all the stops to present us with a 6-track EP worthy of such a special occasion.

Devotion-the record’s title and underlying theme- was chiefly inspired by Handbook’s personal experience of music creation as an almost spiritual exercise. For him, this record symbolizes the culmination of his efforts towards developing a dedicated and passionate work ethic. Even in between all the gaps of real life -be it work, personal or otherwise- he has always been able to find the time to discover and absorb inspiring sounds wherever he is able to. As a consequence, ‘Devotion’ embodies his attempt at merging sounds from a variety of different origins whilst, at the same time, preserving that classic Handbook sound.

You can Handbook below and the vinyl is available for pre-order via QRATES here, and will be shipped when all 200 limited edition copies have been purchased.

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