Hanon x Reebok Club C “Claymore”

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 Hanon x Reebok Club C “Claymore”

It appears to be the year of the Club C silhouette for Reebok, as now we have seen a Kendrick Lamar and Hanon Claymore” collab before January has even ended. The retailer and sportswear brand team up on this colourful design, lacing the tennis sneaker with the ultimate outfit. Call of Duty fans may have been misled into thinking this release was warfare related, as this Claymore is in relation to a legendary Scottish sword. Also inspired by armour, the pair sees a pig suede and mesh upper, resembling the medieval “chain mail” wore during battle.

The colours that are applied, such as silver-grey and blue steel, is where the pair pays homage the most. The two brands also want to highlight the crest, which has strong Celtic significance and meaningful details within. Read more about the release here or purchase a pair from Hanon here from January 28th for a confirmed £89. See the pair above or click the link to purchase on the day of release to grab a pair. See more of the latest by clicking or scrolling below now.

Source: Hanon Shop

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