Levelle London Drops ‘Murder My Ego’

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Using music as a window of meditation and form of therapy, Levelle London has crafted a lane with hazy, melodic, rap-infused R&B and exploration of themes including mental health and personal vices. Today, Levelle drops “Murder My Ego (Shooter Pt. 2)”, a crisp follow-up to 2016’s first installment. The track is the first track off Traits of an Empath and is about Levelle’s endeavour to let go of grudges and pride in order to rebuild a relationship with his mum. He told Huffington Post back in 2016;

That’s all the stuff the ego holds and for me to have good relationships with other people and myself, I need to be humble and let go of negativity. It’s important to remain positive in a realistic way – having a positive energy and outlook in life; looking for the positive in things and deleting the toxic in me so the toxic people don’t come into my life.”

Displaying the duality between the mind’s good and evil psychology, the Ezekiel-directed video is shot in striking, red hued frames. Listen in as the east Londoner effortlessly switches between rapping and vocal disciplines over self-produced drum patterns. As we kick off a new year, all striving to be better than we were the previous one, rid yourself of negative energy and bad habits and take in ‘Murder My Ego‘ which was premiered exclusively by Complex.

You can also grab tickets to see Levelle live on the 27th Jan at the Notting Hill Arts Club here

Source: Levelle London

Photo Credit: Alfred Bronson

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