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NEO 10Y returns with ‘Echo Chamber’

Enigmatic artist NEO 10Y returns with his latest offering ‘Echo Chamber’, which dropped recently via Soundcloud. The number showcases yet another facet of the singers artistry and delves into the parallels of echo chambers at which society leads people to and the struggle to escape them inevitably leaving the masses unconsciously trapped.

In an exclusive email sent to us NEO 10Y explains the direct inspiration behind the new number:

“Any of us who have used the Internet in the last few years have been subjected to a silo of looped information as human beings where we didn’t realise what we were what we were being trapped within until it was too late (particularly with regards to some of the political and societal milestones of 2016).”

He goes on to note that “Some of us still haven’t realised how little we are actually talking to each other, on or offline. There’s been such a division in mindset of humanity that the only way we can circumvent it is by being more aware and opening up our minds and voices to each other.”

NEO 10Y has had an impressive few months which saw his second release ‘Amerikkka’ debut at an exclusive Tom Ford fashion week event alongside this came a Givenchy sponsored showcase last November.

While we wait for more music to manifest get acquainted with ‘Echo Chamber’ below:

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