Does President T’s ‘T On The Wing’ deliver?

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President T has been manoeuvring his way through the Grime scene since its early days back in 2003. The MC reigning from North London, began in Meridian Crew, and after several gaps in his career re-emerged fully in 2015 with a series of singles and remixes in the build up to his solo LP. Known for his killer flow and eccentric personality the MC finally dropped his latest release T On The Wing via Star Work Music. With executive producers on board [Christian Alvez and Duane Palmer], and a new sense of direction does this President T release succeed?

The set begins in a slightly ghoulish manner, with an unknown vocalist using some of the lyrics off of Katy Perry’s E.T. President T seems ready to address the questions by his peers and fans of where exactly he’s been as he confidently spits his way through the verses of the introductory track ‘T on the Wing. “Touching the surface, but it ain’t touching the sides//nuff of these guys are taking steps but I am taking strides”. President T is eager and as he puns his way across the track, there’s a sense of untouchable confidence from the MC. It’s refreshing and enjoyable to listen too over the soothing backing.

After formal introductions, we’re taken to a place of more aggression and passion as President TBusses the Ting’ on track two. “Lyrics have never been nappy, that’s why I keep it cut”. The London-based lyricist, although filled with humour, is playing zero games when it comes to displaying his talent as a rapper. T is joined by staple in the Grime industry, Ghetts and his verse is equally as impressive. Full of charisma the track is an instant standout.

The idea of proving worth is a strong theme throughout the project. Another number which demonstrates this fact is ‘If You Say So. “When I say Presidency, everybody pause //  Take another MC straight to the shores // When I come around, I’m taking jaws”. The self-reliance is sky high as President T’s knee-jerk bars take prominence over the production. The MC’s tone is also engaging enough to stand on its own and thus far doesn’t need an edgy or loud sound wave to aid any limitations. The song itself has the right balance of comedic value but a serious declaration of importance within the industry.

T On The Wing features a lot of slang references throughout which easily helps it fit in with the Grime landscape and London scene in general, one of the songs which best displays this unapologetic-ally London way of things is ‘House & Pop, and as the track says the song literally centres around the idea of consequence – act up and you’ll end up with people wanting to ‘pop off’ at your house. The chorus is highly addictive and JME’s appearance is one that is most welcomed. “Not one of these guys would’ve lasted a day // None of these guys would’ve come to the gates // Some of these guys need a slap in the faceJME raps comparing the old school, early days of Grime to the social media centred ways of the new school era.

Another intriguing collaboration from the set comes in the form of ‘Snakes. Featuring an interesting keyboard and bass infused production Donae’O and President T bounce ideas off of each other throughout and vent on the backstabbers. “Rah, I saw the antics, I couldn’t see the love back then now its all romantics // Started off in the ends, now it’s all Atlantic // Can’t be a small man too gigantic.”. Donae’O features more on the chorus in an auto-tuned fashioned singing “Kill off the fakes, kill of the snakes” throughout. The infusion of the unique production helps add a new dimension to the track and project as a whole, a creative collaborative effort indeed.

T On The Wing is a relentless and loud project from the North London MC. Whats striking is his constant reminder to the listener that he’s here to stay. The features on board each add their own to the project and aid the lyricist in distributing multiple facets of the Grime arena. President T is back like he never left and definitely displays his worth and why he was missed in the first place.

Download your copy of T on the Wing here or stream via Spotify below

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