RAINS × VSCO Black Long Jacket

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RAINS × VSCO Black Long Jacket

Premium jacket brand RAINS, team up with equally premium art/tech company VSCO to offer a stunning Black Long Jacket. The outfit specializes in rainwear, keeping you warm but looking good throughout the rainy months. Especially if you live in big European cities, which more than likely rains all year round and will certainly come in handy. It only makes sense for the two brands to collaborate, with similar aesthetic and follower base. They detail the specifics about the drop by saying:

The RAINS × VSCO collaboration features the Long Jacket in black with a touch of something unexpected. The number for the VSCO Hotline (1-844-439-VSCO), featured on the back of the jacket, offers an opportunity to share your thoughts with VSCO. Be part of the VSCO sharing community by telling a story about the local weather or hear thoughts of other people’s weather experiences.

Using high quality rubber and other waterproof  materials, we receive a resistant and durable coat to tackle any harsh weather. Some other features include an adjustable hood, ventilation properties and the standout new VSCO logo at the chest. They aim to create a community through fashion and stories, so participate by purchasing one of the limited pieces here for $135. See the collaboration above or more of the latest by clicking/scrolling below now.

Source: Rains

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