Yiigaa Shows Her Worth With ‘Eternal’

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Yiigaa (real name Yiga which means good luck) is a 19-year-old singer and songwriter from Brixton. Being the daughter of Ivorian musician Henri Gaobi, she was raised on a diet of reggae, traditional african, folk & R&B influencing her warm & soulful songs in what she describes as “neo soul infused with a little hi-fi to create old school vibes with a modern twist

Her debut EP Breath was released independently in late 2016 and has gained over 15,000 listens with no push or coverage from any major platforms. Her songs are subconsciously a reflection of her multi-cultural upbringing, taking inspiration from the sounds she grew up listening to as well as the culture she is surrounded by living in London. Besides being a musician, Yiigaa is also an actor. Last year she was profiled as an actor at the National Youth Theatre.

This week, the 19-Year old singer-songwriter releases her debut single from upcoming EP Mist, Eternal‘. Singing on growth & letting people go, listen to Yiigaa battle her thoughts in this audio. The song is a powerful mix of personal motivation and commentary on the trials & tribulations of internal growth. Speaking on ‘Eternal‘, Yiigaa said;

“Eternal is that idea that you can never prove enough to some people, and even though you love them sometimes people lose out on something amazing from doubt”

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