Blaze Makoid Architecture Martis Camp 506

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Blaze Makoid Architecture Martis Camp 506

Blaze Makoid Architecture have put together a truly breathtaking masterpiece in the form of the Martis Camp 506 The stunning ski and golf club looks like your dream home, elegantly captured in the gallery above against lush greenery and blue skies. An impressive design from the company, who even more impressively replanted every single tree that was cut down to create this work of art. With over 2,200 acres of greenery and 6,000 square foot of space, it’s said to be located between Truckee, California and Lake Tahoe. Set upon a slope, black stained cedar was used at the sides to make the place blend in with its landscape during all times of year.

Also featuring glazed windows and an open plan kitchen, there are endless attractive features for the eye-catching project. It’s important to note that efforts were put into minimizing the houses’ footprint and tree removal. This can only make the design appear sweeter, as the nature-aware architects show it’s not all about the end product. Visit their official site here for more details and all the specifics. See the amazing residence above or more of the latest by clicking the link below.

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