Steyn Studio’s South African ‘Psalm 36:7’ Chapel

Steyn Studio’s South African ‘Psalm 36:7’ Chapel

Collaborative architecture practice, Steyn Studio, have recently designed an impressive and mind bending South African chapel. Situated in an area known as “Little Switzerland“, the inspiration for the design came from the surrounding mountains and background itself. The smooth, curvy shape of the structure came from text of Psalm 36:7, poetically interpreted to be floating or gliding whilst remaining still. Summed up in a brilliant mini paragraph, the creative house state:

“……these churches are mostly inward looking and spiritually reflective, the proposed chapel is to be a more ‘open’ space which invites in, as well as expands its intimacy to the valley and mountains beyond, raising the awareness of God’s creation in the immediate surroundings.”

Check out the eye catching place of worship above or see more of the latest by scrolling or clicking the link available below,

Source: Steyn Studio

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