Meet Nathan Miller, the Visionary behind ‘LDN’

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Meet Nathan Miller, the Visionary behind ‘LDN’

In the past few years, there has been as shift in perspective towards the UK scene and the way it is being documented. There is a massive focus towards the shooters in the scene [which we featured last year with our look at 5 UK Photographers You Need To Know] and there are a wealth of new and exciting writers as well. Documentaries are also an important form of recording and from the early classics [Wot Do U Call It and Fuck Radio], there are now a wealth of films from reputable outlets Channel 4, Noisey, BBC and Red Bull.

One that has made us very excited to see was from Nathan Millerwho previously put out Ciph which chronicled the 20+ year career of DJ Cipha Sounds. Entitled LDN, the 45 minute film takes you on a journey and shows the growth and development of the UK rap and grime scenes. We caught up with Nathan to speak about his latest piece, from his biggest obstacles and what he wants people to take away…


What made you want to put together a documentary for the culture and did you feel it was important?

I spent a lot of time working out in the States and I knew of the waves being made back home. When I returned, I was thinking of the next project and a few friends had suggested putting something together about London. But it wasn’t until watching Dave at a New Gen show that I decided I was going to do a piece about LDN.

You’ve also commented that you quit your job to put LDN together – was that a hard decision to make?

Not really, it’s always been 95% my dream, 5% actual job work. It just got to a point where I needed to leave to focus and that’s what I did.

LDN features a whos whos of the scene from DJ Semtex, Youngs Teflon, Morgan Keyz and Kojey Radical. How did you originally link up with everyone and was there anyone you didn’t get a chance to speak to?

Long story! Each and everyone has their own little tale. Some I already knew, others I met along the way and some I linked up with via emailing managers and stuff.

Alongside that, what do you feel the largest barrier was to you making the film?

Artists taking their time lol. It was quite easy to do it’s just a bit of a waiting game, that’s all.

One thing that you balance really well in the documentary is the blend of old school and newer acts. Do you think that we respect our heritage when it comes to UK rap and grime

Absolutely. In one of the original edits the film started with a slogan saying ‘THIS IS NOT A GRIME DOCUMENTARY’ because of all of the new documentaries about Grime that had recently come out. It’s a little joke – don’t take that too seriously lol, but absolutely, we know where we’ve come from.

What was your favorite part about making the documentary?

Spending time with the artists. I went from Mozart with Fredo and Ratlin to Bristol with J Hus, I’ve been everywhere whilst filming this.

If there was ONE thing you want people to take away from LDN, what would it be and why?

That our scene is in an amazing place and anything can happen if you put your mind to it.

Whats next for Nathan Miller?

I’m going to let this one marinate, but I do have plans to do another piece in the US!NathanSource: Nathan Miller

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