Neeko Crowe impresses on his debut, ’10 Toes’

Neeko Crowe impresses on his debut, ’10 Toes’

Neeko Crowe is a 20 year old talent from Houston, who recently released his brand new self-produced song, ‘10 Toes‘. The exciting prospect offers an infectious introduction into his music and style, inviting listeners into his world with real personality. Lighthearted and catchy, the release serves as a good first impression from the growing musician. The track brings a fun vibe, reminiscent of many successful songs floating around the net. Therefore in terms of delivery, this isn’t far off the mark. Stream the song below now and let us know what you think via the comment section or our social media! Find more of the latest by simply scrolling down or clicking below now.

Talking to us about the song, Neeko explains:

” ’10 Toes’ is a song I created simply to embody the joy and confidence I was feeling within myself when I wrote it. This was the first beat i made once I moved into my dorm to start this school year. After performing the song for multiple crowds I came to realize how much people loved it and see the potential it has.”

Be sure to follow Neeko Crowe on SoundCloud here, where you can also find all of his other social media.

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