We are nearly half way through the year and what an eventful few months. We have had major releases on both sides of the ponfd with Kendrick Lamar and J Cole showcasing their rap pedigree while Nines and Stormzy have shown that there is more to the UK then first expected. Cloud 9 has always looked to showcase the best of the best when it comes to our artists and this week is no exception with new singles from artists, new and old. So sit back, plug-in and relax as we present;

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1. Cartae – Long Time

After releasing her debut single six months ago, Mini Kingz songstress Cartaé returns with the follow up, ‘Long Time’. Produced by Ragz Originale, the track continues her exploration of indie-pop, fuelled by a 80’s New Wave-inspired 808 drum pattern and layers of dreamy synths. “Love is never straight forward, there is always some bumps along the road,Cartaé says of the inspiration behind the track. “I think long time reminds us that moving on is just as hard as falling in love.


2. Skrapz – Enemies

The fun and games is over, Skrapz Season is now underway. After Anthony Joshua walked to the ring to the sound of ‘They Ain’t Ready’ last week, Ice City Boys rapper Skrapz returned this week with a brand new single entitled ‘Enemies’. The track sees Skrapz delivering his typically candid autobiographical lyrics as he levels up his career, keeping his circle small and avoiding those that prevent progress with their negative energy. The upbeat instrumental and infectious hook will undoubtedly keep this one on repeat, as the Northwest Londoner works towards a follow up to The End Of The Beginning.


3. dvsn – Think About Me

dvsn—the OVO-affiliated duo promised last month that “text your ex” music is on the way. Whether ‘Think About Me‘ will actually make you do that is up in the air, but it’s in fact the first piece of new music to arrive from the act this year. Boasting seductive underwater vibes, the song finds dvsn rekindling an old fame. “Do you not think about me?” asks Daley. “I know you still think about me.”The sinuous slow burner is quickly marks itself as a boo-loving playlist essential. Following the release of Sept. 5th in March, dvsn joined Drake on tour and capped off the year with the dramatic short film The Choir.


4. Tory Lanez – Magnolia (Remix)

It feels like Tory Lanez wants to recreate the 2007 Lil Wayne run. He continues to jump on other people’s beats to build anticipation for his next project, the follow up to The New Toronto 2 and Chixtape 4 which both dropped on January 1st. A week back it was DJ Khaled, Beyonce and Jay Z’s ‘Shining‘ and this week Tory choose the instrumental for Playboi Carti’s ‘Magnolia’. The remix didn’t come without some controversy. Lanez had to recreate the instrumental because the original producer, Pi’erre Bourne, refused to send it to him.


5. Reece -Alone

Reece began rolling out his forthcoming EP with ‘Lost In Translation‘, an intense record focused on heartbreak and emotional turmoil. With his second single ‘Alone‘, the 21-year-old wordsmith continues to capture authentic human emotion as he tells the tale of a shattered relationship and the pain experienced by losing his other half. Reece’s soaring vocals are backed by a gentle piano melody and a pulsating kick drum that creates the track’s atmospheric sound. The new single continues to build hpe for the mysterious singer’s new EP I’m Not Sure Yet.


6. Ne-YO – Humble (Remix)

Over Mike WiLL Made-It’s potent drums, R&B crooner Ne-Yo takes a stab at rapping on his ‘HUMBLE. revamp. Patterning his flow after K-Dot’s, Ne-Yo reflects on his career and his Grammy-winning triumphs. “I remember wishing I could sit at the Grammys with Jay and Bey, and Rihanna and Chris / Be part of the clique,” he rhymes. “Second guess myself and all my shit like, ‘Do I really fit?’ / Three Grammys later, I guess I must be pretty good at this.” But Ne-Yo doesn’t just celebrate his success. He also pulls no punches when rapping about an unidentified foe.


7. ECKOES – Human

London-based singer ECKOES takes a cue from Maya Angelou on her newest track ‘Human‘, which includes a small excerpt at the start from Maya Angelou’s poem, ‘I Am Human’. The transformative song is a myriad of different genres blended into one powerful track, with a lingering vocal performance from ECKOES who projects a freeing tone in her voice. With strong lyrics about prayer, resilience, and being true to who you are, ECKOES provides music for the times with ‘Human‘.


8. Cherée – For Me

London newcomer Cherée has been releasing songs over the last few months and adding her two cents to the landscape of love-driven content. The singer most recently shared her track For Me‘, which is a transformative R&B-electro ballad that describes a troubled relationship, accompanied by even more confusion. In For Me‘, Cherée has seemingly found the one but the relationship isn’t quite mutual, breeding a push and pull between sticking around for love or experiencing heartbreak in order to grow. Beautiful vocals and progressive songwriting on an age-old situation work in Cherée’s favor throughout the 4-minute track.


9. Arlo – Shake The Room

Hot on the heels of last month’s debut single ‘Ivory‘, Brit newcomer Arlo unveils the follow up in ‘Shake The Room‘ — and it’s another glorious, hymn-like effort. Soaring and reflective, this number showcases the quaint ambiguity within Arlo’s lyricism and vocal inflections, reaching its apex fired by heavy percussion. Going some way to shedding light on his creative process, a defiant Arlo told us: “I sing ‘I don’t need your reverence, I don’t need your approval’ to be the individual that I was always destined to be.

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