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Compton artists Buddy has just dropped his Ocean & Montana, a new EP inspired by excursions out of his native Compton to the sunny beaches of Santa Monica. The EP was produced entirely by KAYTRANADA and includes ‘Find Me‘, a new track that Buddy dropped this week. The track is deeply introspective, and traces feelings of isolation, solitary drinking, and fear of police killings to their origins. In the chorus–which also flexes Buddy’s considerable singing talents–he calls himself “lost and alone.”

Buddy – Shine (Official Video)

While some artists would have chased the limelight after having a minor hit at the age of 18, Buddy spent the last five years deliberately out of the spotlight, honing his skills and working in tandem with his mentor Pharrell Williams. In the last two years, Buddy has collaborated with everyone from Compton-brethren Nipsey Hussle to rap’s biggest names – Chance The Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, BJ The Chicago Kid, and A$AP Rocky.

Buddy – Find Me (Official Video)

Ocean & Montana refers to the cross streets from where Buddy drew inspiration, an escape from Compton right on the beach in Santa Monica. During a short stay there is when he first started getting beats from KAYTRANADA, the Haitian-born, Montreal-raised producer and DJ whose solo work has been critically acclaimed. The EP is influenced by what Buddy calls “that beach feel,” but that doesn’t mean everything’s sunny. The rest of Ocean & Montana is an act of self-discovery. Buddy has spent years in some of the most powerful rooms in the industry, from having an underground hit when he was just 18 to being taken under Pharrell’s wing. But until now, the timing was never quite right.

“The first time I put out music, I was just rushing. Things have changed. I’m in a position where I’m not just picking up one energy from one location, I’m moving a lot.”

Listen to Ocean & Montana here.

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