Brew fresh espresso with the Mokase phone case

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Brew fresh espresso with the Mokase phone case

Coffee; it’s a beverage that we have become accustomed to drinking, whether it’s to enjoy the taste of a freshly brewed dark roast or to spring us back to life, we can’t get enough of it. Dotted around our nation we find coffee machines that are at the ready to brew our favourite drink, they really do provide for us in times of need… well that’s what we thought, until we saw the Mokase.

The Mokase is an innovative smartphone case that is also a portable espresso machine. At first when you see the Mokase in action, it looks like an all familiar magic trick, where the magician makes a magical liquid appear from nowhere. But this is all very real.

The brains behind the Mokase comes from Luigi Cafora and Clemente Biondo of ‘smart k. The innovative duo created the slimline case so that coffee was even more accessible on the go. The Mokase homes a small cartridge, the ‘Mokaromi’, which brews an espresso within seconds at the touch of a button. The case also comes with a small key ring that expands out into a small cup, so you really can enjoy your coffee on the go.

The design is minimal and sleek, making this a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing gadget. Along with all the design features, the case still lives to its purpose of protecting your smart phone.  The case is compatible with most leading smart phone brands such as Samsung, Apple and LG.

Some may rejoice at this quirky gadget whereas others will see past the novelty of it, but what will you think? Click here to explore the Mokase range and perhaps even order yourself a new coffee maker/phone case.

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