LØST CULTURE Meets: Dash Machete

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LØST CULTURE Meets: Dash Machete

Dash Machete has been a regular feature across our blog over the last few months. Pairing singing and rapping, the New-York native appears to have all the ingredients for commercial success. Following an incredible launch of her introductory EP ‘Jigsaw’ and after shooting her You Don’t Know My Name visual, LOST CULTURE had the chance to discuss career expectations, the gentrification of New-York and inspirations with the multifaceted Dash. Get to know the artist behind the songs below:

What inspired ‘Jigsaw’ and the relaunch away from ‘Be Nice’?

The title Jigsaw was inspired by the idea of finding oneself. As a rapper, I wanted to explore my vulnerable side, hence the introductory track on the ‘Jigsaw’  EP. I wanted to start right where I left off. Connecting that puzzle piece, while introducing a new side of my sound.

Who are some of your influences in music? 

Kelis, and I really love Sade. There are so much more to name, but these women are the first that come to mind.

You come from New York, what are your thoughts on the gentrification going on there?

Gentrification is a serious issue not just here in NY but worldwide. It’s very troubling to know that people who have spent their whole lives building up their community are now being priced out of their homes and neighbourhoods.

What inspires your current and future music?

The classics, the legends. Also, everyday life. I like to tell stories of close friends as well as my own observations in society, and cultures.

What brought you to music? 

My love for expression is what brought me to music, being able to express myself where there is no wrong or right, just truth and sick beats!

What are your cares and concerns in the world, what defines Dash Machete? 

I care about expression. Representation is very important to me, I’ve always been a nerd want want my audience to embrace their inner geek, their inner truth.

Would you ever sign to a major label? If so which, and why? 

I’d love to partner with a label, I think I’d like to start there. In the case that there was a great connection between the label, management, and I.  I think teamwork is very important. I like what I’ve seen this year so far from artists like SZA and Khalid (RCA Records). The hard work happening behind the scenes from the label side is admirable.

Weirdest experience to date in the music business? 

I got recognised in a Starbucks, that was the first time a fan approached me. it was surreal and magical.

Do you work or study as a side hustle alongside having a music career?

Yes, I read a lot, I have mentors, and take voice lessons. I also see my ‘side hustle’ as learning experience, because it teaches me leadership. I enjoy working hard for myself just as much as I would work hard for an employer.

Who are or were you most afraid of showing your music to?

At first, I was a little hesitant to show my music to my younger siblings, they ended up really liking it, singing it in the house. they are my biggest fans.

Highs and lows in life?

Highs include family, accomplishments, supportive people around me. Lows include sacrifices, solitude, multi-tasking.

Plans for future music?

There are always plans for the future, that includes more music. Right now I’m focused on building a close relationship with my fans through ‘Jigsaw’ EP.

Stream ‘Jigsaw’ below and look out for more visuals and music announcements to come:

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